K-12 and Community College Upcoming Regulation: What You Need to Know!

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Sep 15 4:00pm to 5:00pm
Track / Session:
Track: Municipal Program Implementation / Session 4: Panel
Short Description: 

This panel including the SWRCB regulator, CASH, CASQA, and the Non-Traditional Subcommittee co-chair will focus on the upcoming regulation of K-12 and community college schools under the Phase II MS4 permit and will build on the public input gathered at the June 2020 State Board workshops.

Speaker / Panelist 1:
Paul Levy, State Water Resources Control Board
Biography: Paul Levy is an Environmental Scientist at the State Water Resources Control Board. Paul earned his B.S. and M.S. in Environmental Science from Indiana University with a focus on water resources. He’s worked on projects for various California state agencies including the Department of Water Resources, the Delta Stewardship Council, and is now leading the Small MS4 Permit Reissuance for the State Water Board.
Speaker / Panelist 2:
Ian Padilla, The Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH)
Biography: Ian Padilla is a legislative advocate for The Coalition for Adequate School Housing (CASH). CASH was founded in 1978 as a response to diminished statewide resources for school facilities, and with over 1,200 members is the preeminent statewide organization representing school facility professionals in the public and private sectors. CASH provides advocacy, leadership development, educational opportunities, and resources within the school facilities arena. CASH advocacy ensures there are State funds to build new, renovate, and maintain K-12 schools. CASH is dedicated to making sure California students have access to quality, safe and healthy environments that foster learning and success.
Speaker / Panelist 3:
Rachael Keish, Keish Environmental, PC
Biography: Rachael Keish has over 20 years of experience in environmental engineering, specializing in storm water and construction mitigation compliance. Rachael is a CASQA qualified ToR under the CGP and IGP, as well as a QSP/D and QISP. Her project experience includes work in design and construction on large infrastructure projects.  Rachael is currently serving as CASQA Non-Traditional subcommittee co-chair. Rachael has conducted CASQA state-wide OVTA trainings, and specifically focuses on adapting the method for Phase II Non-traditional entities. She is also an Envision Sustainability Professional (ENV SP), as well as an ISI Verifier and Trainer