Prioritize Regulations to Improve MS4 Water Management Outcomes

Date / Time:
Tuesday, Oct 16 10:55am to 12:00pm
Ballroom A (Lower Level)
Track / Session:
Prioritize and Clarify Regulations Track / Prioritize Regulations to Improve MS4 Water Management Outcomes
Short Description: 

This panel will discuss MS4 permits and policies that could be developed to better support desired watershed outcomes.

Speaker / Panelist 1:
Annalisa Kihara, State Water Resources Control Board
Biography: Annalisa Kihara, is a Senior Water Resource Control Engineer in the Division of Water Quality at the State Water Resources Control Board. Ms. Kihara is Chief of the Unit implementing the Strategy to Optimize Resource Management of Stormwater, or STORMS in the Surface Water Branch. Ms. Kihara has been with the State Water Resources Control Board for 12 years and prior to that she worked in environmental consulting. Ms. Kihara holds a B.S. degree in Civil Engineering from the University of California Davis, and is a CA registered Professional Engineer.
Speaker / Panelist 2:
Michelle Beckwith, State Water Resources Control Board
Biography: Ms. Beckwith is currently serving as a Senior Environmental Scientist for the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board. For the past nineteen years, she has been assigned to the Coastal Storm Water Unit, with five of those years as the unit chief. Her assignments include working with municipalities, industrial facilities, and the construction industry, in order to achieve compliance with their respective storm water permit requirements.
Speaker / Panelist 3:
Richard Boon, Riverside County Flood Control & Water Conservation District
Biography: Richard Boon is a Senior Flood Control Planner with Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District.  He has 29 years of experience in water quality protection and management gained in local and national government both in the United Kingdom and United States.  Prior to joining the District in 2017, Richard managed the Orange County Stormwater Program.  He is a CASQA Board member and a past Chair of CASQA.
Speaker / Panelist 4:
Greg Gearheart, State Water Resources Control Board
Biography: Greg is the Deputy Director and chief of the Office of Information Management and Analysis at the California State Water Resources Control Board. Prior to this appointment Greg served as the statewide Storm Water Program Manager for about nine years. In his 25 years at this organization Greg has worked in many different program areas, including wetlands, watershed management, training and enforcement. Greg received a BS in Environmental Resources Engineering from Humboldt State University and also grew up behind the redwood curtain.