Regional Monitoring Programs for Watershed Compliance Panel

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Oct 17 11:00am to 12:05pm
Raincross B & E (Upper Level)
Track / Session:
Invited Panels Track / Regional Monitoring Programs for Watershed Compliance
Short Description: 

Scores of regulated parties around the state are now required to be part of regional monitoring programs. While regional monitoring provides several advantages over local monitoring, NPDES requirements are inherently site-specific. This panel will explore the nexus between regional and site-specific monitoring to answer the question “how does regional monitoring support NPDES compliance?”. This session will provide attendees with not just the basics of regional monitoring, but how best to utilize regional monitoring products to ensure NPDES compliance, and not just “check the box”. The panel will consist of the three highest profile regional programs in California comprising more than 100 agencies, over a dozen different habitats, including measurements of flow, chemistry, toxicity, habitat quality and biology.

Speaker / Panelist 1:
Chris Sommers, EOA
Biography: Chris is a Vice President at EOA, Inc. with 20+ years of experience developing and managing water quality monitoring and assessment programs in California. He’s is a founding member of the Bay Area’s Regional Monitoring Coalition, a program that evaluates the biological, chemical and physical integrity of Bay Area streams and identifies stressors impacting the beneficial uses of these water bodies. On behalf of Phase I MS4s in the Bay Area, Chris also served as a Technical Advisory Committee member for the San Francisco Bay’s Regional Monitoring Program, one of the most comprehensive water quality monitoring programs in the U.S.
Speaker / Panelist 2:
Raphael Mazor, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Biography: Dr. Raphael Mazor is a Supervising Scientist at the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, where he leads research into assessing the condition of perennial, intermittent, and ephemeral streams. Since 2009, he has coordinating one of the nation’s largest stream bioassessment surveys for the Stormwater Monitoring Coalition in Southern California.
Speaker / Panelist 3:
Ken Schiff, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project
Biography: Kenneth Schiff is the Deputy Director for the Southern California Coastal Water Research Project. SCCWRP, as it is known, is a public agency whose mission is to bring unbiased scientific research to managers and stakeholders throughout the southern California region to improve environmental decision-making and effective stewardship of our natural resources.