Transportation Agencies: Innovative Practices toward Sustainable Stormwater Management

Date / Time:
Wednesday, Oct 17 11:00am to 12:05pm
Meeting Room 1-3 (Lower Level)
Track / Session:
Invited Panels Track / Transportation Agencies: Innovative Practices toward Sustainable Stormwater Management
Short Description: 

This panel will discuss the role of transportation agencies and infrastructure in ensuring sustainable stormwater management, specifically the Los Angeles Metro urban environment vision.

Speaker / Panelist 1:
Adel Hagekhalil, Los Angeles Sanitation Bureau
Biography: Adel Hagekhalil is a registered civil engineer with the State of California and a national Board Certified Environmental Engineer.  Adel is currently an Assistant Director with the City of Los Angeles’ Bureau of Sanitation where he is responsible for the Bureau’s wastewater collection system management, storm water and watershed protection program, water quality compliance, and facilities and advance planning. Under his direction, the City has prepared an award winning “One Water” Water Integrated Resources Plan (IRP) for the Year 2020 which relies on public input and participation and integrates water supply, water reuse, water conservation and stormwater management with wastewater facilities planning through a regional watershed approach. Adel is leading the City’s effort in green infrastructure and multi-benefit projects and embarking on the City 2040 One Water LA Plan.  As the national chair of the sturdy group, Adel has recently led the successful development of water sector resiliency report for the President of the United States’ National Infrastructure Advisory Council. He served for 9 years as Board member and most recently President with the National Association of Clean Water Agencies (NACWA). Adel is currently serving on NACWA’s co-Chair for the Arid States Water Reuse Group and member of the National Water Sector Coordinating Council.
Speaker / Panelist 2:
Cris Liban, Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority
Biography: Dr. Liban, P.E., LA Metro’s Executive Officer for Environmental Compliance and Sustainability, oversees Metro’s internationally recognized Environmental and Sustainability initiatives, on many fronts. His activities within the transportation and environmental industry extend to being a national speaker, published author, and chair and member in organizations, including American Public Transportation Association (APTA); Transportation Research Board (TRB); National Academies’ Transportation Cooperative Research (TCRP); and National Cooperative Highways Research Program (NCHRP). He is a Commissioner in the City of LA Board of Transportation and was appointed to the LA County Beach Commission. Cris has degrees in geology and civil and environmental engineering.
Speaker / Panelist 3:
Paul Alva, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works
Biography: ​Mr. Alva, PE, is assistant deputy director for the County of Los Angeles’ Department of Public Works, Stormwater Quality Division, managing the stormwater quality program for the County Unincorporated Areas and the Los Angeles County Flood Control District. Since 1994, his responsibilities have included influencing solid waste management policies and overseeing the grant and federal advocacy programs. He represents the County on many issues related to watershed management technical and policy initiatives, including planning and implementation of stormwater best management practices, public speaking, and research activities, to advance LA County's water quality, water conservation, open space, and recreational needs.