Conference Scholarship Program

The 2022 Call for Conference Scholarship Applications is now open!

Submittal Deadline: Monday May 9, 2022 - NOON PT


In 2019 CASQA introduced the CASQA Conference Scholarship Program with a goal to encourage the next generation of leaders in the stormwater management field. For 2022 a total of three (3) scholarships are available to enable individuals to attend the CASQA Annual Conference (October 24-26 - Palm Springs Convention Center) and benefit from the educational and networking opportunities that are provided.

Conference Scholarship Program Benefits  

The scholarship award is valued at $2,500 each and includes:

  • Complimentary Full Conference Pass
  • Mentoring and meetings with the CASQA Board of Directors and / or Executive / Assistant Executive Director
  • Facilitated networking opportunity with CASQA members
  • Individual membership in CASQA for 1 year
  • Complimentary Quarterly Meeting Passes for 1 year (2023) – virtual or in person
  • $250 travel stipend to attend (1) Quarterly Meeting in 2023, as available

Scholarship recipients will meet with the CASQA leadership, be able to network with the CASQA membership, and hear presentations from leading members of the stormwater community including local, state, and federal decision makers, stormwater program coordinators, contractors, consultants, engineers, lawyers, scientists, and planners.

Expectations of Scholarship Awardees

If selected for an award, applicants must confirm their ability to attend the annual conference and be willing to sign a release form so they can be featured in conference promotions. Additionally, scholarship awardees will be expected to provide a follow-up interview to CASQA shortly after the end of the CASQA conference to discuss their experiences and share what they learned for possible publication on the CASQA website or in other media.


Eligible individuals must:

  1. Currently be part of an internship program with a CASQA member organization as of the date of the submission deadline (applies to the individual as well as the membership status of the organization), OR
  2. Have completed an internship program with a CASQA member organization in the 18 months preceding the application deadline (organization must be a current CASQA member as of the date of the submission deadline).

Individuals must not be related1 to a member of the CASQA Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Assistant Executive Director, and/or any members of the Awards Committee that will be reviewing the submittals.

1Defined as a parent, sibling, child, spouse, grandparent or grandchild.

Poster Display

During the CASQA Conference submitted posters (up to 10) will be displayed. Participants displaying a poster will also have the opportunity to hand out a 1-page bio/resume to interested conference attendees.

Application Package Submittal Instructions

Submittal Deadline: Monday May 9, 2022 - NOON PT

Required Materials and Submittal Instructions 

A Conference Scholarship Program Application Package must be submitted to be considered. Scholarship application packages must be submitted by CASQA members on behalf of their intern(s). Up to three (3) applications may be submitted by an organization or agency.

To submit an application package follow the instructions below, which will require the use of a Google account in order to upload the required files and submit the online application form. If needed, go here to create a Google account.

Complete the 2022 CASQA Conference Scholarship Program Application Form including the following:

1. Applicant (intern) name and contact information

2. Internship program description

3. Internship program supervisor name and contact information

4. Abstract for a poster presentation about the program, project, or study for display at the CASQA 2022 Conference:

    4.1 Project, program, or study description

    4.2 Applicant's role and responsibilities

    4.3 Introduction and Background

    4.4 Methods or Approach

    4.5 Results

    4.6 Conclusion and/or Discussion

5. (2) file uploads (PDF only; 10MB max. each):

     5.1 Applicant's resume

     5.2 One Letter of Recommendation - from a current or former supervisor involved with the internship program that includes a focus on:

           5.2.1 The leadership qualities and how they were demonstrated by the intern; and

           5.2.2 The impact that the project had on/within the stormwater program.

Application Package Receipt Acknowledgment

Upon successful submittal of the online Conference Scholarship Program Application Form including the two required file uploads (Resume, Letter of Recommendation), you will see a confirmation message stating, "Your submission has been received."

Key Program Steps and Dates

  1. Application Package Submittal Period Opens: Monday, April 4, 2022
  2. Application Package Submittal Deadline: Monday, May 9, 2022 - NOON PT - Complete applications must be received by the submittal deadline in order to be considered
  3. Application Package Review Period: May 2022: CASQA reviews the application packages and selects those that qualify for submittal of posters (up to 10)
  4. CASQA to notify recipients and request posters: June 1, 2022
  5. Submittal deadline to submit posters for review: June 30, 2022
  6. CASQA Awards Committee reviews posters and selects scholarship winners (up to 3)
  7. CASQA to notify recipients and arrange registration: July 20, 2022


Email to: 

Subject Line: Question: 2022 CASQA Conference Scholarship Program

Content: Include name, question, reply email, and telephone number