Fellowship Program

The 2022 Call for Fellowship Program applications is now closed.

Submittal Deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022 - 5:00 PM PT


The goal of the CASQA Fellowship Program is to encourage the next generation of leaders in the stormwater management field. Fellows will assist the engineers and environmental scientists of a CASQA Committee or Subcommittee with delivery of a project aligned with CASQA’s Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management. Fellowships include a stipend and require a commitment of three months. A certificate of completion will be provided at the conclusion of the Fellowship. A total of up to two (2) fellowships are available in 2022.

Fellowship Program Benefits

  • Fellows have an opportunity to demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and abilities and apply them directly to a stormwater project.
  • The completed project will be showcased at the applicable CASQA Committee/Subcommittee.
  • Fellows benefit from mentoring and are exposed to key educational and outreach opportunities offered by CASQA, in which they would not otherwise be involved. The fellowship mentoring team represents consultant, government, education, and research professionals.
  • CASQA members benefit from the completed work and are made aware of candidates for future employment opportunities.
  • Successful applicants will meet with CASQA leadership, be able to network with CASQA members, and present the final project to others in the stormwater community.

Expectations of Fellowship

If selected for a fellowship, applicants must confirm their availability and ability to complete the project, attend one or more CASQA Committee/Subcommittee meetings, and be willing to sign a release form so they can be featured in CASQA promotions. Additionally, fellows may be interviewed by CASQA shortly after the project completion to discuss their experiences and share what they learned for possible publication on the CASQA website or in other media.


Individuals enrolled in engineering, chemistry, geology, education, earth sciences, environmental sciences, or communications bachelors degrees, masters degrees, Ph.D. programs, or have recently graduated from such programs and are considering employment in the stormwater management field. 

Individuals must not be related1 to a member of the CASQA Board of Directors, the Executive Director, the Assistant Executive Director, and/or any members of the Committee/Subcommittee who will be reviewing the submissions.

1 Defined as a parent, sibling, child, spouse, grandparent or grandchild.

Fellowship Project Opportunities: 2022

Note: Applicants may apply for more than one project.

Project 1: Analysis of Public Education Requirements in Stormwater Permits

Project 2: Development Best Management Practice Online Handbook Update - Nature-Based Solutions

Project 3: Development of True Source Control Strategy for Urban Stormwater Management 

Project 4: Recommendations for Recognizing Stormwater Capture in Green Certifications and Programs

Project 5: Stormwater Best Management Practice Effectiveness Monitoring Guidance Document Development

Project 6: Water Quality Science Tracker Update

Application Package Submittal Instructions

Submittal Deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022 - 5:00 PM PT

Required Materials and Submittal Instructions

Once the Fellowship Project Opportunities for 2022 have been reviewed (see above), a Fellowship Program Application Package must be submitted to be considered. To submit the package follow the instructions below, which will require the use of a Google account in order to upload the required files and submit the online application form. If needed, go here to create a Google account.

Complete the 2022 CASQA Fellowship Program Application Form including the following  (the 2022 link has been removed)

1. A statement of your interest, knowledge, skills, and abilities for each selected project (no more than 200 words per project)

2. (2) file uploads (PDF only; 10MB max. each):

    2.1 Your Resume

    2.2 One Letter of Recommendation from a current or former professor/instructor/supervisor that includes a focus on:

  2.2.1 A project that you were involved with and the key deliverable(s); and

  2.2.2 Leadership qualities that were demonstrated. 

Application Package Receipt Acknowledgment

Upon successful submittal of the online Fellowship Program Application Form including the two required file uploads (Resume, Letter of Recommendation), you will see a confirmation message stating, "Your submission has been received."

Key Program Steps and Dates

  1. Application Package Submittal Period Opens: Friday, April 1, 2022
  2. Application Package Submittal Deadline: Friday, April 29, 2022 - 5:00 PM PT
  3. Application Package Review Period: May 2022: The application packages are reviewed by CASQA to identify the highest ranked submittals (up to 2). The top participants will be invited to join the Fellowship Program.
  4. Project Completion: June - September, 2022: The project will be mentored by and coordinated with the applicable CASQA Committee/ Subcommittee with a mid-point and final deliverable and check in. Successful completion of the mid-point deliverable and final project will result in receipt of two $1,200 stipends.
  5. Project Wrap: September - October, 2022: The applicant will provide a final presentation to the applicable Committee/Subcommittee and participate in a final interview/review with CASQA.