Background Information

Effectiveness Assessment Baseline Report: Existing Practices and User Needs

(August 2014)

The Effectiveness Assessment Baseline Report provides a foundation for this web portal, and is a product of the State Water Resources Control Board's Proposition 84 stormwater grant; the report includes the following:

  • Summary of existing California Phase I and Phase II stormwater permit requirements
  • Summary of current assessment practices (effectiveness assessment approaches, metrics, and methods)
  • Survey of assessment needs and opportunities
  • Materials review and compilation (completed assessments, regulatory resources, and stormwater-related research and literature)

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Summary of the CASQA Effectiveness Assessment Web Portal Surveys

(2014 - 2016)

To help CASQA understand how this web portal and our guidance materials are being used, CASQA distributed surveys to municipal stormwater program managers, regulators, and interested third parties. CASQA conducted the initial survey in May 2014 and a follow-up survey in April 2016.

Summary of the CASQA EA Web Portal Surveys