Position Papers

Periodically, CASQA develops position papers on significant stormwater topics. These position papers support the implementation of CASQA’s Vision, as well as the following goals:

  • Provide a tool for CASQA members (e.g., support the development of comment letters, testimony, stakeholder processes, etc.)
  • Provide an opportunity to broadly share CASQA’s position on key issues to outside organizations

Consideration of Wet Weather in Regulatory Actions

The purpose of this position paper is to support implementation of CASQA Vision Action 2.3*, to develop a strategy to consciously consider wet weather separately during objective development, and to provide a structure for modifying existing water quality objectives in the future. 

CASQA Position Paper - Consideration of Wet Weather in Regulatory Actions (May 2018)

* CASQA Vision Action 2.3: Augment and Implement Basin Plan Amendment Process; Goal: Modify water quality standards to reflect sustainable beneficial uses and the nature and impact of stormwater.