Karen Cowan 2020

Karen Cowan

Executive Director
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In collaboration with the Board of Directors, Karen leads and sets the strategic direction for the organization, focusing on achieving CASQA’s Strategic Plan and Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management. She serves as the primary advocate for legislative and regulatory activities on a state and national level. Karen also serves as the primary liaison with members, elected officials, governmental agencies, and other organizations.

Joseph Draper

Joseph Draper

Program Manager
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In partnership with our volunteer leaders, Joseph manages several of CASQA’s programs and initiatives, including the Stormwater Capture and Use Subcommittee, BMP Effectiveness Subcommittee, True Source Control Subcommittee, Monitoring and Science Subcommittee, Construction Subcommittee, CGP Training Program, Engagement and Education Subcommittee, and the Our Water, Our World Program.

Ewelina Mutkowska

Ewelina Mutkowska

Program Manager
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In partnership with our volunteer leaders, Ewelina manages several of CASQA’s programs and initiatives, including the Industrial Subcommittee, IGP Training Program, BMP Handbooks, Phase II and Non-Traditional Phase II Subcommittees, and the Training Subcommittee. She also serves as CASQA’s point person for solutions related to bacteria.

Amy color

Amy Porter

Events and Website Manager
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Amy manages CASQA’s educational events, including the Annual Conference and Seminar Series. She provides day to day management and development of CASQA’s website to ensure it communicates and supports CASQA’s Mission, Vision, and Core Values. Amy also manages the Our Water, Our World public educational website and provides overall support to CASQA members.

Cheryl Mcullough

Cheryl McCullough

Administrative Manager
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Cheryl facilitates CASQA’s organizational effectiveness by providing administrative support and serves as the primary point of contact for invoicing and contracting.