Baseline Report

Effectiveness Assessment Baseline Report: Existing Practices and User Needs

The Effectiveness Assessment Baseline Report provides a foundation for this web portal, and is a product of the State Water Resources Control Board’s Proposition 84 stormwater grant; the report includes the following:

  • Summary of existing California Phase I and Phase II stormwater permit requirements
  • Summary of current assessment practices (effectiveness assessment approaches, metrics, and methods)
  • Survey of assessment needs and opportunities
  • Materials review and compilation (completed assessments, regulatory resources, and stormwater-related research and literature)

Appendix A: Permit Review Matrix


Region 1: North Coast

Region 2: San Francisco Bay

Region 3: Central Coast

Region 4: Los Angeles

Region 5: Central Valley

Region 6: Lahontan

Region 7: Colorado River

Region 8: Santa Ana

Region 9: San Diego

Appendix F: List of Resources

Stormwater Program Documents (SP): Tables F-1, F-2, F-3

Annual Reports (Table F-1: SP-01 – SP-23)

Long-Term Effectiveness Assessment and Guidance Documents (Table F-3)

SP-35: Long-Term Effectiveness Assessment – San Diego County Copermittees (PDF) (Jun 2011)

Regulatory Resources (REG): Table F-4

Research and Literature (RL): Table F-5

RL-08 – Watershed Treatment Model – Center for Watershed Protection (2013):