True Source Control

Stormwater is a vital component of California’s water resources. CASQA advocates to protect this vital resource in the most effective way possible – by minimizing pollution at the source.

True Source Control (the elimination of a pollutant at its source) and the use of alternative products and green chemistry (the design of chemical products and processes that reduce or eliminate the generation of hazardous substances) offers the most effective and economical approach to the elimination of many pollutants that impair the beneficial uses of waters. True Source Control also more appropriately aligns the cost of addressing the pollution with its generation, rather than shifting the cost to the environmental impacts. Minimizing pollution at the source is therefore not only more effective, but the most sustainable approach.

CASQA has a long and successful history of advocating for and realizing True Source Control solutions. Examples include copper (successfully sponsoring SB 346 to reduce the concentration of copper in brake pads), plastics (supporting the passage of SB 54 to reduce plastics), and pesticides (long-term advocacy to ensure the use of urban pesticides does not cause aquatic toxicity). More topic and program specific information is available on our Pesticides page and via the Our Water, Our World program.


Through the True Source Control Subcommittee, CASQA is leading the way in California to advance this critical research and work. To engage with the leaders in this field, we encourage you to participate.