Phase II

As a core service area, CASQA provides statewide support, training, resources, and educational opportunities for Phase II Permittees regulated by the Small MS4 Permit (both traditional and non-traditional permittees).


Recognizing the unique needs of the two different types of permittees regulated by the statewide permit, CASQA two subcommittees – Phase II and Non-Traditional Phase II. These subcommittees provide forums for permittees and consultants to engage with experts in the field. During permit reissuance, these subcommittees are a vital resource where permittees work collaboratively to identify recommendations and solutions, resulting in a powerful, integrated voice. During permit implementation, these subcommittees provide a venue for information sharing, supporting permittees in complying with the Phase II Permit, and most importantly, achieving the goals for the protection of water quality.


CASQA provides permit specific resources for the Phase II community, such as a series of Good Housekeeping training videos. The training videos demonstrate how to do things the right way, focusing on positive actions for preventing pollution. Existing training videos cover the following topics: Annual Hotspot Comprehensive Inspection; Concrete Work and Saw Cutting; Minor Spill and Leak Cleanup; Storm Drain Maintenance; and Surface Cleaning and Pressure Washing. Access and use of the videos is free for CASQA members; non-members can purchase a year of access.

For a complete list of resources visit our Resources section, including the Trash Control Measure Implementation Guidance Manual and BMP Handbooks.

CASQA members have exclusive access to the For Members section for additional resources such as the Water Quality NewsFlash, Bi-Weekly Updates, and more.