Strategic Plan & Vision

Making an impact is at the heart of CASQA’s programs and initiatives. Led by our Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management, CASQA is focused on solutions that maximize stormwater capture, minimize pollution through true source control, increase funding for stormwater programs, and approach stormwater as a resource.

We advocate to achieve these outcomes via regulatory and legislative processes. Education is core to everything, reflected in our training programs, outreach materials, and events. Our work is based on the best available science and achieved by collaborating and working through partnerships with our members and other organizations.

Strategic Plan

To make a significant impact, organizations must have a roadmap. Organizational effectiveness depends on operating with common understandings about what is important and what the organization needs to accomplish. Our Strategic Plan is that roadmap, ensuring that CASQA is mission and vision focused, our programs and resources are in alignment with the mission and vision, and we are accountable to our members.

Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management

CASQA’s Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management establishes the basis for what we are trying to achieve in stormwater. It is proactive, not reactive. Most importantly, the Vision essentially defines sustainable stormwater management and focuses on solutions that lead to achieving shared common goals.

Mission Statement

On behalf of California stormwater permittees, CASQA advances sustainable stormwater management protective of California water resources.

Vision Statement

To advance sustainable stormwater management protective of California resources, CASQA will:

Lead: Define and advocate for policies, regulations, legislation, and solutions that are based in the latest science and implement CASQA’s Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management

Engage: Create opportunities to engage with our members and other organizations to achieve common goals by sharing knowledge, ideas, and best practices

Educate: Produce resources, publications, and events that inform and train stormwater professionals and educate the public

Support Implementation: Publish tools and guidance to support implementation of stormwater programs

Increase Organizational Capabilities: Operate as a high performance organization with the capabilities to achieve the Strategic Plan

Core Values