Strategic Plan & Vision

CASQA’s Board of Directors has established two key strategic planning documents, (1) Strategic Plan and Organizational Goals (Strategic Plan) and (2) Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management (Vision for Stormwater). These two documents form the core of who we are as an organization and what we want to achieve.

Each year, CASQA evaluates our Strategic Plan and the Vision for Stormwater to identify the most pressing needs of the organization and our membership. The goal is to (1) identify priorities for the year, (2) identify and implement projects to achieve those priorities, and (3) align resource allocations with the annual priorities. CASQA’s Annual Work Plan documents the priorities for the year and the projects designed to implement those priorities.

Strategic Plan and Organizational Goals

CASQA’s Strategic Plan and Organizational Goals (PDF) were first established by the Board of Directors in 2019. This document includes our Mission Statement, Vision Statement, Core Values, and Organizational Goals.   

Mission Statement

On behalf of California stormwater permittees, CASQA advances sustainable stormwater management protective of California water resources.

Vision Statement

CASQA advances the stormwater field through a network of highly engaged professionals to:

CASQA provides leadership that results in sustainable statewide stormwater policies, regulations, and programs.

CASQA provides a forum for stormwater professionals to share ideas and identify solutions for regulatory, technical, and scientific challenges.

CASQA produces resources and hosts events that inform, educate, and train stormwater professionals, regulators, and the public on the value, challenges, and scientific and technical aspects of stormwater management.

CASQA tools and guidance promote implementation of sustainable stormwater programs.

CASQA provides opportunities for the growth of stormwater professionals and development of current and future stormwater leaders.

Vision for Stormwater

CASQA first established a Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management (Vision) in 2015. Over the past several years, CASQA has made updates to the Vision, reflective of advancements in stormwater and regulations. In 2019, CASQA included implementation of the Vision as a core part of setting organizational priorities for each year. Those actions were not only successful in taking significant steps forward, but also inspired new thinking and ideas. CASQA therefore completed an effort in 2020 to more fundamentally revise the Vision, and in so doing, chart the path forward to sustainable stormwater management.