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Get involved in one of CASQA’s ongoing projects while working with outstanding colleagues on challenging issues. Subcommittees focus on different areas of stormwater management, under the auspices of the Executive Program Committee (EPC).

CASQA members are encouraged to participate in subcommittees and can join by signing up here.

CASQA Member-Only Subcommittees (6 of 15 subcommittees)

CASQA’s subcommittees provide a tremendous resource and value for the stormwater community. In order to align the value of certain subcommittees with membership benefits, the following subcommittees are restricted to members and invited guests only. All other subcommittees remain open to all.

  • Construction
  • Industrial 
  • Legislation
  • Phase II 
  • Non-Traditional Phase II 
  • Policy and Permitting

Subcommittee Co-Chair Leadership Opportunities

Each of CASQA’s subcommittees is led by a team of two co-chairs. Co-Chairs serve two-year terms, with a maximum of three consecutive terms, and are also part of CASQA’s Executive Program Committee (EPC). Serving as a co-chair is an excellent leadership opportunity for CASQA members, where you not only support CASQA’s mission, but also develop professionally as you work side-by-side with some of the most talented and engaged individuals in stormwater. Each fall, nominations are received from within each subcommittee (for open co-chair positions) and the nominations are confirmed by the Board of Directors in January. Click on the links below to see the current list of co-chairs, as well as the timeline for co-chair terms.

2022 Subcommittee Co-Chairs (Jan 2022)

Subcommittee Co-Chair Terms (Jan 2022)


2022 Executive Program Committee (EPC) Members (Jan 2022)

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BMP Effectiveness Assessment

Focuses on the goals and objectives detailed in Action 1.3 of CASQA’s Vision to maximize effectiveness of BMPs, green stormwater infrastructure, and low impact development.  

Co-Chairs: Lucy Cortez-JohnsonMatt Yeager

BMP Handbooks

Provides contemporary information on BMPs primarily through the BMP Handbooks.

Chair: John Heltzel | Vacant

Conference (a subcommittee of the Events and Communications Committee)

Serves to increase awareness and knowledge of stormwater quality management issues through developing the annual CASQA conference and associated training workshops.

2022 Co-Chairs: Kristina HyslerLisa Skutecki


Identifies emerging issues and tracks trends and regulatory requirements for construction stormwater permittees; assists members with identifying possible solutions to evolving regulatory requirements.

Participation is limited to CASQA members only.

Co-chairs: Andrew Sidor | Kadi Whiteside

Engagement and Education

Provides a forum for stormwater public outreach professionals to share ideas; assists in coordinating outreach efforts in California.

Chair: Jeanette Huddleston | Jenna Voss


Focuses on the goals and objectives detailed in Principle 4 of CASQA’s Vision to develop the significant financial resources necessary for sustainable stormwater management, including determining the resource needs for sustainable stormwater programs, developing a dedicated funding source for stormwater, and increasing supplemental funding opportunities.  

Co-Chairs: Daniel Apt | Kelly Havens


Ensures the issues and concerns of regulated industrial stormwater permittees are represented in policies / regulations, including permitting and numeric effluent limits.

Participation is limited to CASQA members only.

Co-Chairs: Jodie CrandellMehran Ebrahimi


Tracks stormwater-related legislation in the California Senate and Assembly, and United States Congress; prepares quarterly legislative summaries for CASQA members; prepares fact sheets on key legislation that can be used by members to educate their organizations about potential impact of proposed legislation.

Participation is limited to CASQA members only.

Co-Chairs: Alejandra GavaldonHawkeye Sheene

Monitoring and Science

Improves scientific and technical basis of stormwater management programs by developing research and monitoring priorities, and seeking collaborators, partners, and grant funding for needed research.

Co-Chairs: Jian Peng | Rebekah Guill

Non-Traditional Phase II

Seeks to educate and engage non-traditional MS4 programs in stormwater management issues; provides a forum for information exchange.

Participation is limited to CASQA members only.

Co-Chairs: Rachael Keish | Patrick Kuga

Phase II

Seeks to educate and engage Phase II programs in stormwater management issues; provides a forum for information exchange.

Participation is limited to CASQA members only.

Co-Chairs: Rob Carson | Oriana Hart

Policy and Permitting

Develops comments and testimony on State, USEPA, and precedent-setting regional policies and permitting initiatives; promotes the development of statewide stormwater policy.

Participation is limited to CASQA members only.

Co-Chairs: Arne AnselmKacen Clapper

Stormwater Capture and Use

Focuses on the goals and objectives detailed in Action 1.1 of CASQA’s Vision to maximize stormwater capture, including determining the economic value of stormwater, evaluating water rights, establishing partnerships with other water resource agencies, developing strategies to address climate change, and more.

Co-Chairs: Joseph DraperJim Rasmus


Oversees the development and implementation of long-term sustainable training program to meet the needs of California stormwater practitioners.

Co-Chairs: Dave Mercier Ken Kristoffersen

True Source Control

Focuses on the goals and objectives detailed in Action 1.2 of CASQA’s Vision to minimize pollution at the source.  Current true source control activities include efforts to reduce toxicity from current use pesticides, concentrations of copper in brake pads, and concentrations of zinc in tires. This subcommittee will also evaluate other potential true source control options for other priority water quality issues (e.g., trash, bacteria).

Co-Chairs: Richard Watson | Sara Toyoda

CASQA Representatives 

CASQA selects individuals to serve on committees and other groups constituted by others to represent the interests of stormwater quality management and CASQA members.


Paul Alva | Fernando Villaluna: Los Angeles County

Mark Grey | Kathryn Hubbard: Building Industry Association of Southern California

Open: Open

Kelly Moran: TDC Environmental, LLC

Fred Krieger: Consultant - NewsFlash

Ex Officio

Jeff Endicott: CASC Engineering and Consulting

Sandy Mathews: Larry Walker Associates

Chris Crompton: County of Orange

Scott Taylor: Michael Baker International

Richard Boon: Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District

Gerhardt Hubner: Gerhardt J. Hubner Consulting

Jill Bicknell: Santa Clara Valley Urban Runoff Pollution Prevention Program

Lisa Austin: Geosyntec Consultants

Daniel Apt: Olaunu