Stormwater Capture & Use

As a key tenant of our Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management, CASQA is working to maximize stormwater capture.

Capturing water in our communities and protecting our water resources provides substantial value with healthier, more livable, and more resilient communities. An investment in stormwater capture is also an investment in flood control, green infrastructure, street beautification, sanitation, water conservation, and groundwater recharge.

With changing precipitation patterns and declining snowpack, capturing stormwater in our urban communities must occur to adapt to climate change and long periods of drought. Our flood control systems were designed to capture and move water from urban landscapes as fast as possible, so that even when experiencing extreme drought, the majority of our rainwater simply washes out of our communities. Stormwater is a critically untapped resource, and our state’s infrastructure must be updated to capture as much as possible to benefit our waterways and communities.


Through the Stormwater Capture and Use Subcommittee, CASQA is leading the way in California to advance this critical research and work. To engage with the leaders in this field, we encourage you to participate.