BMP Handbooks

CASQA develops and publishes four Best Management Practices (BMP) Handbooks generally matched to the three kinds of stormwater permits. The Construction, Industrial & Commercial, and Development BMP Online Handbooks require a subscription (links provided below). The Municipal Handbook is available to download for free (links provided below). CASQA has also developed several training videos for good housekeeping practices, required of all municipal permits (links provided below).

Subscription-Based Handbooks (one year subscription)

These interactive online references provide the information you need to address BMP selection throughout the life of a project – from planning and design – through construction – and into operation and maintenance. Individually, each handbook is geared to a specific target audience during each stage of a project.

The Construction and Industrial & Commercial BMP Online Handbooks ensure that you have the information to stay in compliance with California stormwater regulations for a construction or an industrial general permit, with detailed monitoring guidance and inspection forms, including the SWPPP Template. The Development Handbook addresses selection and implementation of BMPs to eliminate or to reduce the discharge of pollutants and control or reduce impacts to the hydrologic cycle associated with development and redevelopment activities.

Purchasing or renewing a subscription assures that you are getting the latest version of the following handbooks:

  • Construction - December 2019
  • Development - June 2021
  • Industrial & Commercial - December 2019

SWPPP Template Information

The template is available in both a .pdf and a .docx version in the Construction and Industrial & Commercial BMP Online Handbooks

  • The .docx version gives users the ability to fill in background information in the indicated areas or delete content that is not appropriate for their facilities - the .pdf version is not editable.
  • Both versions include instructions, but the instructions in the Word document are as hidden text. Hidden text can be turned on or off by clicking the Show button (¶ symbol) in the top row of the document menu bar. 

Purchasing Information and Links

Annual subscriptions are available for individuals (CASQA members and non-members) as well as for groups (CASQA members only). 

  • CASQA membership does not include a subscription to the BMP Online Handbooks (including the SWPPP Templates), however, CASQA members receive reduced subscription rates.
  • Purchasing a subscription does not include CASQA membership. 
  • Group subscriptions (CASQA members only) have a designated primary subscriber (purchaser) who can share the subscription with others (sub-subscribers). Adding sub-subscribers is the responsibility of the primary subscriber and is a one time step unless someone leaves or joins the organization. View instructions to add sub-subscribers

Click links to view rates and to purchase:

Renewal Information

Subscription expiration alert emails are sent to the primary subscriber at 90, 60, 30, and 3 days before the expiration date.

  • Subscriptions must be renewed before the expiration date to receive the renewal rate. If not, you will be charged the full subscription rate.
  • There is no penalty for early renewal. Upon renewal, 12 months will be added to the original expiration date.
  • If not renewed by 11:59 PM Pacific time on the day before the expiration date, access to the BMP Online Handbook will be denied. For those with group subscriptions access will also be denied for your sub-subscribers. 
  • If you are upgrading to a broader subscription type, you must pay the initial rate for the new subscription type and then the renewal rate after the first year.

To renew your BMP Online Handbook subscription, please follow the steps below:

  1. The CASQA website does not support Internet Explorer 8, 9, or 10 and may not support Microsoft Edge. Please upgrade or use another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari.
  2. Renewals must be done through the account of the primary subscriber (purchaser). Log in to your CASQA account page.
  3. Select the Renew or Re-purchase tab and look for the subscription that needs to be renewed; click 'renew' - the discount will automatically be deducted in the shopping cart

Other Handbooks

Municipal BMP Handbook

This handbook provides the information you need to stay in compliance with California stormwater regulations for a municipal general permit.

BMP Training Videos

Training staff on good housekeeping best management practices is a required component of all municipal stormwater permits. The CASQA Phase II Subcommittee has produced five videos to help with the challenge of providing this training. Topics include: Annual Hotspot Comprehensive Inspections, Concrete Work and Saw Cutting, Minor Spill and Leak Cleanup, Storm Drain Maintenance, and Surface Cleaning and Pressure Washing. The training videos demonstrate how to do things the right way, focusing on positive actions for preventing pollution. They are short and singular in topic so that some municipal staff might watch only one or two, depending on the nature of the work they perform, while others may need to watch all of them. Although the municipal operations good housekeeping videos are focused for the Phase II Traditional / Non-traditional Permittees, they can be helpful for anyone who needs to provide brief, targeted training on the selected topics.

Access to the Training Videos

  • CASQA members who are logged in have automatic access to the Training Videos page.
  • Non-members can purchase a year of access ($50): Buy Now 

Primary Authors - Original California Best Management Practices Handbooks (l to r): Mack Walker, Larry Roesner, John Aldrich, and Geoff Brosseau (not pictured: Gary Minton); January 1993.