Presentations & Publications

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CASQA’s LID 101 and 201 Workshops: Presented at the ASCE 2010 LID Conference

Low Impact Development (LID) 101: Basic Concepts and Applications

Low Impact Development (LID) 201: Design Guidelines for LID Practices

Presentation #1 – Selection & Siting – L. Austin
Presentation #2 – Bioretention/Landscaped Based Solutions (PDF) – S. Taylor
Presentation #3 – Green Roofs (PDF) – D. Apt
Presentation #4 – Pervious Pavements (PDF) – T. Ballesteros
Presentation #5 – Rainwater Harvesting (PDF) – J. Walker
Presentation #6 – LID Project Examples in California
Frontier (PDF) – D. Apt
Colonia (PDF) – C. Brown

California Coastal Commission LID Workshops

“Reining in the Rain” – Four workshops held in 2008 (web page no longer available)


LIDI Bioretention Standard Details and Technical Specifications (March 2013)

Bioretention, or the use of plants and soil to infiltrate, slow, and clean stormwater, is one of the most commonly used LID stormwater treatment control measures. The Central Coast Low Impact Development Initiative (LIDI) worked with bioretention experts to create a set of standard details and technical specifications that incorporate the most current knowledge of bioretention design and are consistent with the Central Coast Water Board’s newly adopted Post-Construction Stormwater Control Requirements. The bioretention standard details and technical specifications are available to all LID practitioners at the LIDI website and are provided in native file format (Microsoft Word, AutoCAD DWG) to facilitate incorporation into project design and municipal codes and ordinances.

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