Stormwater Scholar

Purpose and Overview

The goal of the CASQA Stormwater Scholar Award is to encourage the next generation of leaders in the stormwater management field. If selected, Stormwater Scholars attend the CASQA Annual Conference to engage with and learn from the top leaders and experts in the stormwater field. In 2024, the conference will be held at the SAFE Credit Union Convention Center in Sacramento, from October 21-23, 2024.

During the annual conference, Stormwater Scholars will receive mentoring and networking opportunities by meeting with the CASQA Board of Directors, CASQA staff, and CASQA members. Stormwater Scholars expand their knowledge through significant educational opportunities by hearing presentations from the leading experts in the stormwater community including local, state, and federal decision makers, stormwater program coordinators, contractors, consultants, engineers, lawyers, scientists, and planners.

Up to three (3) awards are available in 2024. The scholarship awards are valued at $2,500 each and include:

  • Complimentary 3-Day Full Conference Pass
  • Up to three-night hotel stay;
  • $500 travel and meals stipend;
  • Mentoring and meetings with the CASQA Board of Directors, CASQA Program Managers, and/or Executive Director; and
  • Student membership in CASQA for 1 year


To be eligible for this award, students must meet the following criteria:

  • Enrollment Status: Applicants must be enrolled full-time at an accredited high school, college, or university and be in good standing as defined by their institution.
  • Project: Students must have completed a project related to stormwater management in California (includes areas like water quality, public education, pollution reduction, science, engineering, policy, law, etc.). See CASQA’s Vision for Sustainable Stormwater Management and Strategic Plan for reference of areas applicable to stormwater management.

Application Requirements

To apply for the Stormwater Scholar Award, the following must be submitted by the application deadline:

  • Statement of Interest from the student that describes their background and interest in the Stormwater Scholar Award (1 page max)
  • Letter of recommendation from a mentor, supervisor, advisor, teacher, or professor who worked with the student on the project. Letter of recommendation must be from an individual not related to the nominee.
  • Video NOT TO EXCEED 2 MINUTES in length that describes the project (include project goals, approach, results, and conclusions or discussion). These videos may be used in the conference plenary session. If selected, Stormwater Scholars may modify / update the videos if needed.
  • Proof of Enrollment in college, or university.

Expectations of Stormwater Scholar Awardees

If selected for an award, Stormwater Scholars must agree to attend the CASQA Annual Conference in Sacramento from October 21-23, 2024, and to participate in all award benefits, which may include mentoring opportunities and appearing on stage during the conference plenary session to receive acknowledgment and recognition. Stormwater Scholars must also agree to the use of their name and image in any conference materials or CASQA publication.

The application form requires acknowledging and agreeing to these expectations and requirements.

How to Submit an Application

Applications must be submitted in accordance with the 2024 Stormwater Scholar Award: Call for Applications and Submittal Instructions (PDF).

Applications must be submitted using the Application Submittal Form on this page. Upon submittal, the applicant will receive an email that confirms receipt of the application.


  • Send via email only to:
  • Subject: Question: 2024 Stormwater Scholar Application
  • Content: Include your name, your question, and telephone number

Schedule and Application Deadline

  • Stormwater Scholar Application Opens: April 23, 2024
  • Applications Due: June 6, 2024 at 5pm Pacific
  • Decisions Announced: Mid-August 2024
  • CASQA Annual Conference: October 21-23, 2024

Application Submittal Form

All applications must be submitted via this form. Applications WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED via email or other means.