California Bacteria Summit

The California Bacteria Summit was held at CalEPA in Sacramento on September 14-16, 2022. We are grateful to everyone who shared their knowledge and brought their voice to help build solutions to achieve our shared common goals of waters that are safe to swim, and shellfish that are safe to eat. View a summary of the event.

Presentations are hyperlinked in the final agenda (PDF), as well as listed below. Please note, not all portions of the California Bacteria Summit included presentations (e.g., discussion panels, break out groups, collective group discussions). Watching the videos of the summit will provide the most enriching and complete perspective.

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    For Reference Only: Summit Details

    The California Water Boards and CASQA will be co-hosting a three-day statewide summit on bacteria on September 14-16, 2022, at the CalEPA building in Sacramento (pending applicable COVID restrictions in place at that time).

    The purpose of the summit will be to identify the priority technical and regulatory actions needed to recreate safely in California’s river I and ocean waters, to eat shellfish safely, and the process to implement those actions. In simple terms, we want to work together to identify solutions and actions that will get us to our goals.

    The agenda identifies the goals for each day. It is important to emphasize that presentations will provide information to seed additional discussion. The summit will be professionally facilitated, and all in-person attendees will actively be engaged.

    As the success of the event is contingent upon active engagement and participation, we strongly encourage registering individuals who are able to contribute and can commit to doing so over the entire three-day event. In-person attendance is limited to the room capacity and is first-come, first-registered. For those individuals whose primary goal is to learn more and stay informed, please register for the remote viewing option.

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