Program Ad Purchase

Thank you for your interest in purchasing ad space in the CASQA 2023 Conference Program to be provided in the attendee packets (print) and posted on the CASQA website (PDF).

Note: This page will be updated for the 2024 conference in the Spring of 2024.

Deadline to Purchase Ad Space

July 19 at 5pm Pacific: CLOSED

Purchase Details

Review the options and rates below then click the green Purchase Conference Program Ad Space button. Credit card is the only payment option. We do not accept check payments.


Note: These rates are for advertisers who are not conference sponsors.

  • Full Page: $800
  • Half Page: $500
  • Quarter Page: $300

CASQA’s Policy and Procedures for Advertising and Sponsorship

It is prohibited for the advertiser/sponsor to state or infer, including by the use of CASQA’s name, logos, or otherwise, any endorsement by CASQA of their product or service through CASQA or any other form of advertising. This policy shall not preclude CASQA Members from including factual statements, such as “Member of the California Stormwater Quality Association” or “CASQA 2023 Conference”.

Spacing: small

Advertisement Requirements

AD ARTWORK SUBMITTAL DEADLINE: Friday July 21 (email: April Krieg)

  • Ad Specifications: Full Page
  • Ad Specifications: Half Page
  • Ad Specifications: Quarter Page