Speaker Information

Thank you in advance for your participation as a speaker or panelist for the upcoming CASQA Seminar Series event. This comprehensive web page is your go-to location for information, instructions, and to upload required submittals.

Please read this page in full and note the submittal deadline.

Upcoming Seminar

Thu, January 23, 2025, 10am – 3pm (virtual)
Annual State of the Union (featuring state and federal regulatory discussions; legislation)
Agenda (PDF) – pending

Agenda & Allotted Speaking Time

Review the agenda posted above for your speaking time and length. If there is more than one speaker for an agenda item, the time is typically divided equally. All presentations should allow 5 minutes for Q&A at the end. For example, if you have a 30-minute speaking slot, the presentation should be 25 minutes with 5 minutes for Q&A.

If you have any questions related to the focus or content of the presentation, please contact CASQA’s Executive Director, Karen Cowan.

Required Submittals – Deadline: Tue, Jan 21, 2025

In preparation for the seminar and to ensure a smooth viewing experience for our webcast viewers, we require the following items in advance:

  • Job Title: To maximize time for presentations and discussion CASQA no longer uses speaker bios. In lieu of a bio, email your job title to our CASQA Events Manager.
  • PowerPoint Presentation: See instructions below
  • Signed Reproduction Authorization: See instructions below

PowerPoint presentations are not required from the panelists unless as introductory material / information for topics or key issues of the panel discussion.

  • PowerPoint Presentation Instructions
  • Reproduction Authorization Form (required if using a PowerPoint)
  • Spacing: small

    Instructions for the Day of Presentation (virtual seminars)

    Please review these important notes for your successful participation.

  • Update to the Latest Version of Zoom
  • Computer and Room Set Up
  • When to Join the Seminar
  • Speaking Instructions
  • File Upload Instructions

    Use this link to upload your PowerPoint presentation (PPTX file formatted in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio) and signed Reproduction Authorization Form.

    You will not receive an upload confirmation email. Upon successfully uploading your file you will see the following confirmation message on this web page: “Success! Your file has been submitted.”