Call for Abstracts

Abstract submissions for a technical presentation, poster, panel, or training workshop are now being accepted for the CASQA 2023 Conference.

Conference Theme

Rain Ready California: Protecting and Collecting Water for Our Future

The last few years have demonstrated the impact of drought and the changing magnitude and frequency of our precipitation events. Now, more than ever, the work in the stormwater management field is critical to achieving a more resilient future. Collectively, our actions can lead to a Rain Ready California. What does that look like? Investing in our communities to reconnect the hydrologic cycle (e.g., stormwater capture). Rethinking how we work to integrate across water sectors to achieve our shared common goals. Protecting our waterways through true source control and effective BMPs. Engaging within the stormwater profession and the communities we serve to communicate that stormwater is a resource. Advocating for funding, regulations, and legislation to support these outcomes. And most importantly, learning from each other to make it all possible. Let’s get Rain Ready together!

Conference Highlights and Daily Overview

Call for Abstracts Details

Important Dates

Submittal Period Open: March 21, 2023

Submittal Deadline: Monday April 17, 2023 at 12:00 NOON Pacific

  • IMPORTANT: Allow plenty of time to complete the online abstract submittal form. Do not wait until 11:30am on the last day! Abstracts not submitted by the deadline will not be reviewed or selected.
  • If you are planning to submit a project for a CASQA Award this year and want to be considered for a conference presentation, an abstract must be submitted during the Call for Abstracts period. See additional information below under 'For Potential 2023 CASQA Awardees'

Selection Notification: Week of June 5, 2023

  • CASQA will email selection results (both selected and not-selected) to the abstract submitters.
  • At the discretion of the Conference Program Team, abstracts may be selected for a different track, presentation/session type, or length than as submitted.
  • Following selection notifications, further instructions will be sent to the selected speakers, panelists, and poster presenters.

Submission Information & Requirements

CASQA 2023 Call for Abstracts: Information and Requirements (PDF)

Thoroughly read the information in this document before submitting your abstract via the link to the online submittal form provided at the bottom of this web page. The document includes:

  • Conference theme and description
  • Track descriptions
  • Presentation/session type definitions
  • Abstract submission evaluation criteria
  • Abstract submission requirements and guidelines
  • Speaker, panelist, and poster presenter registration information

The Call for Abstracts is open to technical presentations, posters, panel discussions, and training workshops. Track descriptions and presentation/session type definitions are provided on this page and in the PDF document. To integrate the conference all presentation/session types will be incorporated throughout the conference agenda. The Conference Program track teams will review all submissions.

To be considered, an abstract (5,000-character maximum including spaces) must concisely describe the proposed technical presentation, poster, panel, or training workshop. Abstracts must be relevant to the conference theme and the track to which submitted. The abstract itself is the sole basis for selection; supplemental data will not be accepted. Abstracts must meet all CASQA abstract submission requirements.

Submitter Requirements

The abstract submitter must be one of the following depending on the presentation type for which they are submitting:

  • Primary Speaker (Technical Presentation)
  • Poster Presenter (Poster)
  • Moderator (Panel or Training Workshop)

All speakers and/or panelists and their details are required to be provided at the time of submittal or the submission will be considered incomplete and will not be reviewed. Adhere to the limits as given in the 'Presentation / Session Type Definitions' on this page and in the document PDF. Substitution of speakers and panelists following both submittal and selections is not allowed without advance approval from CASQA.

Track Descriptions

Presentation / Session Type Definitions

Technical Presentation: A 20-minute oral presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A. The presentation is limited to one primary speaker. Due to time constraints this presentation is also limited to one supporting speaker, if any. Technical presentations will be grouped into ~1-hour sessions based on related content within the Technical Program tracks.


    • Limited to 1 primary speaker and 1 supporting speaker (if any)
    • It is required to include all speakers and their details at the time of submittal

Poster: A research presentation that generally includes an Introduction and Background; Methods or Approach; Results; and the Conclusion and/or Discussion.

    • Selected poster presenters will be sent detailed information about the required poster specifications (size, color, resolution, type size, fonts), file format and size, and components to include
    • Posters will be displayed in the Poster Hall throughout the conference

Panel: An approximately 1-hour panel session featuring up to four subject matter experts responding to questions from a moderator on a specific subject, question, or issue affecting our field. CASQA may solicit audience questions prior to the panel. The moderator shall prepare their own questions to lead the discussion, as well as a brief opening statement (five minutes maximum) to introduce the panel and the subject. The panel is not a technical presentation, but rather a discussion of an issue or topic from multiple perspectives, and exploration of potential solutions.


    • Limited to 4 panelists
    • It is required to include all panelists and their details at the time of submittal

Training Workshop: An approximately 1-hour, 2-hour, or 3-hour interactive training designed to include attendee participation and engagement. The training workshop moderator will prepare concepts and techniques to be presented and discussed through a combination of visual materials, interactive tools (pending CASQA production team agreement), and demonstrations.

Panelists / Speakers - Adhere to these limits:

    • Training Workshop - (1) ~1-hour session: Limited to 4 panelists / speakers
    • Training Workshop - (2) ~1-hour sessions or (3) ~1-hour sessions: Limited to 6 panelists / speakers
    • It is required to include all panelists / speakers and their details at the time of submittal

For Potential 2022 CASQA Awardees

The 2023 CASQA Awards will be announced during the Plenary Session at the conference. Awardees will be additionally recognized in the conference program and on the CASQA website.

  • CASQA Awardees are guaranteed the option to present a poster at the conference and will be recognized as an awardee in the list of poster presentations.
  • If a CASQA Awardee submitted an abstract during the Call for Abstracts for consideration as a technical presentation and was accepted for inclusion in the Technical Program, their presentation will be recognized as an awardee in the agenda.
    • Abstract submittal does not guarantee acceptance for a technical presentation
    • If the awardee's abstract submission is not selected as a technical presentation they may present a poster if they so choose

Speaker, Panelist, Poster Presenter Registration (opens mid-June)

All final speakers and panelists must attend in person. We are not offering an option to participate virtually. Speaker, panelist, and poster presenter registration will open following abstract selections and confirmations. CASQA offers a reduced conference fee for eligible speakers, panelists, and poster presenters, as well as the CASQA Member discount. Visit the Attendee Registration page to leran more.

Steps to Submit Your Abstract

  1. Online Form: The link provided below will take you to the 3rd party (Cvent) abstract submittal website and form.
  2. Log In to Cvent: You will be required to have an account on Cvent in order to continue to the online abstract submittal form (note: this is not the same as your CASQA account). Click Log In in the upper right:
    1. If you have an existing account log in and check your details - update if needed. Your first name, last name, and email address will auto-populate on the abstract form and can't be edited there.
    2. If you don't have an existing account, create one.
  3. Click the 'Start Submission' button.
  4. Instructions for Entering Information on the Online Form:
    1. Letter Case: Do not use all uppercase (e.g., SMITH) or all lowercase (e.g., smith) when entering any information.
    2. Abstract Title Field: Before entering the title run it through this title case converter, then copy and paste the result into the Title field of the form.
    3. Abbreviations: May be used in the Description field if they are defined at their first mention.
    4. Check Your Spelling: Mistakes in spelling can carry through to the online agenda, printed conference program, mobile app, etc. (title of presentation, poster, panel, or training workshop, speaker/panelist names, job titles, organizations, and email addresses).