Speaker Information

Thank you in advance for your participation as a speaker or panelist for the upcoming CASQA Quarterly Meeting / Webcast. This comprehensive web page is your go-to location for information, instructions, and to upload required submittals. 

Note: If necessary, please upgrade to Internet Explorer 11+ or use another browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (the CASQA website may not support Microsoft Edge).


Included information:

  • Meeting details
  • Required submittals and deadlines
  • PowerPoint presentation requirements
  • Instructions for the day of presentation
  • File submittal upload box

Meeting Details

Topic: It’s Raining, It’s Pouring: Reflections and Assessments of Stormwater Management After the Atmospheric River Events

  • Thursday, April 6, 2023 - 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Virtual meeting
  • Agenda (pending)
  • Speakers are requested to join the forthcoming speaker access link by these times:
    • All Morning Speakers: 9:15 AM
    • All Afternoon Speakers: 12:40 PM

Required Submittals and Deadlines

Deadline: Monday, April 3, 2023

In preparation for the meeting and to ensure a smooth viewing experience for our webcast viewers, we require the following items in advance.

1. Organization and Job Title

In lieu of a bio, email your job title and organization name to CASQA Events Manager Amy Porter.

2. PowerPoint Presentation

NOTE FOR PANELS: If you are part of a panel discussion, no PowerPoint is needed unless as introductory material / information to topics or key issues.

  • Review the agenda posted above for your speaking order and allotted time:
    • If there is more than one speaker in a block, the time is divided equally. 
    • Presentations should be about 5 minutes less than the allotted time to allow for Q&A.
  • Although presenters will be playing their PowerPoint from their own computer through Zoom, we still require a final version to be uploaded in advance for these reasons:
    • The PPTX file you upload in advance will be used if there is a technical issue on your end that prevents you from playing it from your own computer. In that case our Tech Team will take over advancing slides on your cue using the backup PowerPoint you will be sending to us.
    • The PPTX file you upload in advance will be the one that we archive and convert to a PDF post-meeting.
  • We are tracking receipt: If you will not be using a PowerPoint presentation, please advise Amy Porter in advance so that we will not be anticipating one.
  • Please read the 'PowerPoint Presentation Requirements' below before uploading.
  • Upload your presentation using the file upload box at the bottom of this web page.

PowerPoint Presentation Requirements

For optimal webcast viewing, please adhere to the following requirements when creating your PowerPoint presentation:

  • Presentations must be in PowerPoint .PPTX 
  • No PDF or Prezi presentations
  • **Presentations are required to be formatted in 16:9 (widescreen aspect ratio). Click here for instructions to change the size of your slides if needed
    • Note: The instructions may not work if you have customized ribbons or are using an older browser or software. Please contact Amy Porter if you need further assistance.
  • Include your contact information (optional)
  • Avoid red or faint text colors
  • Keep text at size 24pt and above; sans-serif fonts work best
  • We prefer that no custom fonts are used, but if used, please embed any custom fonts (embed all characters). Instructions can be found here: Video
  • Compress images and remove cropped areas. Instructions can be found here
  • Do not use an image as a slide background unless it lends itself to text readability
  • Do not assume that the audience will know all stormwater jargon. Define acronyms or arcane terms in your presentation. 

3. Reproduction Authorization Form (only needed if using a PowerPoint)

As a benefit to our CASQA members, we post the meeting presentations to the CASQA website following the meeting and would like to include yours as well. Before posting all presentations are converted to PDFs and password protected from editing.

  • If you will be using a PowerPoint please complete and submit the Reproduction Authorization Form 
  • We do not need a signed form if you will not be using a PowerPoint

4. RSVP and Lunch Preference (*does not apply to webcast/virtual-only meetings)

As an invited guest we welcome your attendance for the full day, including lunch, at no charge (no need to register to attend). RSVP to Amy Porter and include your preference for a regular or a vegetarian meal (not needed for webcast-only meetings).

IMPORTANT: Instructions for the Day of Presentation (Webcast Only Meetings)

The day before the meeting/webcast you will receive an automated email from the Zoom system with your unique link to participate as a Presenter/Panelist enabling your microphone, camera, and screen share use.

Below are some important notes for your successful participation:

  1. Please join the speaker meeting link (not the viewer link) by these times to ensure your sound, video, and screen share work properly and so we know you are on deck:
    1. All Morning Speakers: 9:15 AM
    2. All Afternoon Speakers: 12:40 PM
    3. Note: Quarterly Meeting / Webcast speakers are invited and do not need to register. You can use the speaker meeting link to watch the whole webcast.
  2. Please make sure that you are updated to the latest version of Zoom following these instructions.
  3. You will be playing your PowerPoint from your own computer through Zoom.
  4. If possible, please have your computer hard wired to the Internet connection or as close to the wifi router as possible.
  5. For your presentation audio, please use a computer headset, built in, or external microphone. You'll use the Mute/Unmute functions to control when your audio is activated.
  6. You’ll also be utilizing your webcam during this presentation, so good even lighting is important. Once in the Webinar click Start/Stop Video to control your webcam.
  7. During the event, you'll utilize the Share Screen feature to show your presentation and will be able to advance your own PowerPoint.
  8. Before you start speaking, you will be introduced by the CASQA Chair to include:
    1. Agenda item title
    2. Presenter(s)/panelist(s) name, organization, and job title
  9. Do not read your own or others' bios.
  10. Viewer questions will be submitted via the Q&A button and read aloud by our Virtual MC. State at the beginning of your presentation that questions should be submitted throughout your presentation so that they can be answered at the appropriate time.
  11. Please pay attention to time so that we don't have dead time in the agenda or go over the time slot.

Upload Instructions

  1. Please upload the following files:
    1. PowerPoint Presentations are required to be .PPTX and formatted in 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio.
    2. Signed Reproduction Authorization Form
  2. Multiple files must be uploaded separately.
  3. You will not receive an upload confirmation email. Upon successfully uploading your file you will see the following confirmation message on this web page: "Success. Your file has been uploaded."
  4. If you do not see the upload box below on this page, please use this direct link to upload instead: https://app.box.com/f/e1dd5015fb29429889b65427f21d6833