Review the mulitiple benefits and value of CASQA membership below as well as this document highlighting the Professional, Organizational, and Public benefits.

Stay Informed 

As a member, you have access to vital, up-to-date information such as the ability to submit reviews of pending stormwater quality policies, permits, and regulations, and you will receive notices of special, non-CASQA meetings and events.

Grow Professionally 

CASQA keeps its members up-to-date on the latest information through email updates, web postings, committee activities, and the Annual Conference and Quarterly Meetings that feature presentations from stormwater experts from across the nation. 

Get Exclusive Access to CASQA Work Products

CASQA members also have exclusive access to the Members Only section on the CASQA website, including the CASQA Bi-Weekly Update, Water Quality NewsFlash, Comment Letters and Testimony, Financial Reports, and Technical Reports.

Receive Exclusive Member Discounts

Additional Benefits of Group (Organization) Membership

  • The primary member of a group membership can add sub-members who are with the same organization and they will get the same member benefits.
  • Will receive the member discount when purchasing an exhibit space for the Annual Conference (no exhibit space discount for individual members).
  • May request to have job openings placed in the CASQA Bi-Weekly Update.
  • Regular Memberships only: Includes voting rights (primary member only) for the Board of Directors and changes to the CASQA Bylaws (this does not apply to group Affiliate Memberships).


Become a driving force in the stormwater management field! CASQA members have the opportunity for in-depth collaboration on specific water quality issues through subcommittees of the Executive Program Committee that focus on various areas of stormwater management. CASQA members are encouraged to participate in subcommittees and are welcome to contact the subcommittee chair to get involved. Learn more about committees and subcommittees.

  • BMP Effectiveness Assessment
  • BMP Handbooks
  • Conference
  • Construction
  • Engagement and Education
  • Funding
  • Industrial
  • Legislation
  • Monitoring and Science
  • Non-Traditional Phase II
  • Phase II
  • Policy and Permitting
  • Stormwater Capture and Use
  • Training
  • True Source Control

Membership Categories and Dues