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Parcel Best Management Practice Calculator

The Parcel BMP Load Reduction Calculator is a spreadsheet-based model that can be used to calculate average annual baseline runoff volume and pollutant loads of a parcel of land, and then estimate reductions of both achieved by BMP implementation.

The spreadsheet is also conveniently designed for the user to estimate load reduction in the case of dry and/or wet weather. Data results from the Calculator are then saved in a final table for simple and easy access.

Intended User: for use by any public user.

Geographic focus: The tool is prepopulated with information regarding parcels within the Rainbow Creek watershed, but the user has the option of changing any default values in order to adapt it for other regions.

Scale: Parcel

Developer: Geosyntec Consultants,

Owner: County of San Diego,

  • How are source contributions estimated?
  • How is pollutant load removal estimated?
  • What does the user need to input?
  • What can the user expect as outputs?
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