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Pollutant Load Reduction Model (PLRM) is an urban stormwater model designed to assist users in selection and justification of stormwater projects by comparing pollutant load reductions of different management practices and alternatives.

PLRM was created as a customized version of U.S. EPA’s Storm Water Management Model version 5 (SWMM5) specifically for the Tahoe Basin. The model provides predictions of storm water pollutant loads on an average annual basis for urbanized areas within the Tahoe Basin.

Intended User: PLRM is intended for use by stormwater program managers in Tahoe. To run analyses outside the scope of the default model, expertise in watershed modeling is recommended.

Geographic focus: Model defaults are specific Geographic focus: to the Tahoe Basin.

Developer: nhc, Geosyntec, and 2ndNature. Contact BrentWolfe of nhc at

  • How are source contributions estimated?
  • How is pollutant load removal estimated?
  • What does the user need to input?
  • What can the user expect as outputs?
  • Considerations