QSP / QSD Qualification

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Construction General Permit Qualified SWPPP Practitioner (QSP) and/or Qualified SWPPP Developer (QSD).

QSP and QSD qualifications are good for two years, after which you must renew your qualification. Your name, QSP or QSD certificate number and expiration date, and underlying registration/certification type and number will be posted for public reference on the QSD and QSP Lookup Tool. You can choose to make your contact information available as well. You are responsible for keeping your contact information current. If you change jobs, move to a new address, or change your email address, be sure to update your listing.

Qualified California Construction General Permit Trainers of Record

List of qualified California CGP Trainers of Record (CGP ToRs) (Mar 13, 2023)

Steps To QSP / QSD  Qualification

Renew Qualifications:

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New Qualifications:

Important note: Unless noted otherwise below, if the steps are not completed in order, the individual will not receive credit for the step.

1. Take a QSP / QSD training course.

To become a qualified QSP and/or QSD, you must take a training course offered by a qualified California Construction General Permit Trainer of Record (CGP ToR). Your Trainer of Record will create an Office of Water Program's (OWP) online account for you when you have completed training.

View dates and locations of upcoming QSP and QSD training courses

The training course may now be taken virtually (live online rather than in-person) from specially qualified Trainers of Record. To find a specially qualified CGP Trainer of Record, look for a “Yes” answer in the “Virtual Option?” column in the current CGP ToRs list posted above under 'Qualified California Construction General Permit Trainers of Record'.

2. Register to take the QSP and/or QSD exam.

Register at the Office of Water Programs at Sacramento State (OWP) website and pay the $155 exam and registration fee (effective 1.1.2023)*; good for 2 years.

* The OWP registration fee provides you access to your online QSP/QSD profile. The OWP website is also where you will renew your certificate after 2 years.

3. Provide information on underlying certification/registration.

The Construction General Permit requires an underlying certification or registration as a prerequisite to becoming a QSP or QSD. Enter your other certification or registration (type and #) in your OWP online account. You must enter a completed underlying certificate. In-training status does not qualify (ie: CESSWI-IT).

View the chart of accepted prerequisite certifications/registrations on the Storm Water Program / General Construction - Frequently Asked Questions page of the State Water Resources Control Board website (question #18).


  • Step 4 may be taken before step 3.
  • Regardless of the time taken to obtain your underlying certificate, your completion of the training course and your QSP and/or QSD exam scores will not expire.

4. Take and pass the QSP and/or QSD exam.

  • To become a QSP, you must take the timed 2-hour QSP exam and pass with a score of better than 70%.
  • To become a QSD, you must take the QSP and QSD exams (you have an additional hour) and pass each exam with a score of better than 70%.
  • Upon passing, your QSP or QSD certificate will be sent to the email address you provide during registration.

Additional Qualification Option for QSDs Only

In July 2013 the State Water Board launched a new, second option for individuals with specified licenses to become or renew as a QSD. For information visit the California Board of Professional Engineers, Land Surveyors and Geologists (CBPELSG) Licensed QSD Training Program. The basic differences in the two options for qualifying or renewing as a QSD are shown in this comparison table.


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