Industrial & Commercial

The Industrial & Commercial BMP Online Handbook is an interactive online reference that provides the information you need to stay in compliance with California stormwater regulations for an industrial general permit, with detailed monitoring guidance and inspection forms, including the SWPPP Template.

Purchasing or renewing a subscription to the Industrial & Commercial  BMP Online Handbook assures that you are getting the latest version of the handbook (December 2019) and includes the SWPPP Template. CASQA plans to take full advantage of the online format to issue more frequent updates; likely at least annually.

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New January 2022

Water Quality Based Corrective Action (WQBCA) Report Template: This template will assist dischargers that trigger a WQBCA and must then conduct a facility evaluation, evaluate BMPs, assess the facility’s SWPPP, and submit documentation of these procedures in SMARTS.

The 2019 Updates Include:

  • Added persistent organic pollutants to list of potential pollutants, conditions, and impacts
  • Added separate regulatory definition of trash
  • Updated Decision Tree to include NONA Coverage
  • Expanded definition and requirements of minimum and advanced BMPs
  • Updated SWPPP signature requirements
  • Changed alphanumeric designations to distinguish maintenance sheets from fact sheets and guide sheets
  • Added Permeable Pavement and Green Roof fact sheets
  • Referenced and reiterated trash Full Capture System (FCS) maintenance requirements in maintenance sheets of Multi-Benefit Trash Treatment Systems deemed FCS by State Water Board
  • Referenced and reiterated trash FCS maintenance requirements in maintenance sheets of Proprietary Trash Treatment Control Devices deemed FCS by State Water Board
  • Added new section listing relevant SIC and corresponding NAIC codes
  • Added CASQA Fact Sheet on No Exposure Certification
  • Updated ERA Level 1 Tool to include examples of mandated parameters
  • Public Agencies: There is a new copyright statement that clarifies the extent of a public agency subscriber’s permission to distribute portions of the Handbook. Please check it out and contact us with any questions.

SWPPP Template Information

The template is available in both a .pdf and a .docx version:

  • The .docx version gives users the ability to fill in background information in the indicated areas or delete content that is not appropriate for their facilities - the .pdf version is not editable.
  • Both versions include instructions, but the instructions in the Word document are as hidden text. Hidden text can be turned on or off by clicking the Show button (¶ symbol) in the top row of the document menu bar. 

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