Standard LID Design Plans & Specifications

As a part of the CASQA Proposition 84 Grant - Removing Barriers to LID, comprehensive updates to standard bioretention designs that had been developed by the Central Coast LID Initiative, which had already gone through an extensive peer review process, were completed. These updates included modifications based on structural capacity of adjacent land uses such as streets and parking lots and a comprehensive review and update from bioretention experts including:

  • Dr. Darla Inglis – Central Coast LID Initiative
  • Daniel Apt – Olaunu
  • Wayne Carlson – AHBL
  • Brittany Port – AHBL
  • Jill Bicknell – EOA, Inc.
  • Jeff Endicott – CASC Engineering and Consulting  

Additionally, updates were made to the pervious pavement details by David Smith of the Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute.

Generic Drawing Combined Bioretention Details and Specs

Generic Drawing Appurtenant Details (CAD) 

Generic Drawing Bioretention Details (CAD)

Road_Sections - City of Gonzales

As a part of the review and updates to standard bioretention and pervious pavement details three technical memorandums were developed which include:

Tech Memo 1 – Bioretention Details and Standards Review
Tech Memo 2 – Pervious Pavement Details and Standards Review
Tech Memo 3 – Future Efforts Related to LID