QSP/QSD Training Course Calendar

This calendar shows dates, locations, and other information for upcoming California Construction General Permit QSP and QSD Training Courses provided by CASQA-qualified CGP Trainers of Record (CGP ToR). Listing QSP and QSD Training Courses is a service CASQA provides to CGP Trainers of Record at their option. The information shown is based on entries from CGP ToRs who are responsible for its content and accuracy. Questions about specific training courses and costs should be directed to the contact information provided for each training course.

*** Click an event on the calendar below to see the course details as provided by the CGP Trainer of Record.

Instructions for CGP Trainers of Record

  1. Log in to your CASQA account to add courses to this calendar.
  2. Click the 'Create new event' link below.
  3. Select the QSP/QSD calendar option only, not the QISP option.
  4. After entering an event you must click the green 'SAVE' button at the bottom.
  5. Events cannot be recurring; create a new event for each course date.
  6. To edit or delete an existing event click the event on the calendar, roll over your content, and click the grey gear icon. Click SAVE after editing.

December 2022