Qualification FAQ

Retaking The Exam

1. If I don’t pass the exam, will I be able to retake the exam immediately? Are there a set number of times I can retake the exam?

You will be able to retake your exam immediately. Only one retake will be possible. If you do not pass the exam a second time, you will be required to retake training for the exam you did not pass before you can retake your exam again.

Taking the Online Exam(s)

2. Is there a time limit to the online exam; how does it work?

Yes, the online testing is timed. The computer automatically stops the test when the allotted time is up.

3. What controls have been put in place to discourage and punish cheating on the online exams?

a) Virtually no two exams will be the same. As opposed to the paper version of the exam(s), of which there were a limited number of versions, each subject to theft; online testing allows us to generate thousands of versions — virtually no two exams will be alike so serial cheating will be virtually impossible. 

b) We can examine and identify suspicious patterns. The online system greatly facilitates our ability to identify abuses by analyzing metrics on the exams and examinees' information. We did not have this ability with the paper test.

c) Before proceeding to take an exam, examinees must agree to an affidavit statement regarding the identity of the exam taker stating that no assistance was received from any persons, and that only specifically allowed aids were used to take the exam. The affidavit statement subjects examinees to punishment to the greatest extent allowable by law for falsification of their affidavit and there is sufficient legal case history to support that punishment. 

Examinees will be required to agree to the following affidavit statement: "I hereby certify under penalty of law that I personally will complete the exam on my own and without assistance from any persons, and that the only aids I will use in taking the exam will be the California Construction General Permit and a non-programmable calculator. I acknowledge that falsification of this affidavit will result in punishment to the greatest extent allowable by law." 

4. When a person is taking the exam is it possible for them to go back to a previous page and review and/or change their answers?


Registration, Fees, Payment

5. We have several employees that need to get registered. Can I register all of them at one time?

No. Each individual exam taker must create their own individual login and submit their registration.

6. I need to use the same email address for all of our employees but the system is not letting me. What can I do?

The system will only allow one registrant per email address, therefore you must use individual email addresses for each registrant. Consider employees' using their personal email addresses.

7. What forms of payment will the online system accept for examination / registration?

Online examination / registration will require payment with a credit card ONLY (VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover). Mail-in registration using checks or cash is not available.

8. When I register with OWP (Office of Water Programs) does that make me a CASQA member? 

No. A CASQA membership is a yearly paid membership. Please visit our CASQA membership page for more information about the benefits, discounts, and levels of membership available.


9. Does meeting QSD qualification requirements satisfy meeting QSP qualification requirements?


10. What is the minimum NICET level to satisfy the prerequisite QSD registration?

The State Water Board has stated that a Level 3 NICET is required.