Conference Session Moderator Instructions

Thank you for your participation as a Session Moderator in the Technical Program on September 11 -13 at the CASQA 2023 Conference. This comprehensive web page is your go-to location for information and instructions.

NOTE: This web page is not accessible on the CASQA website menu, even when logged in. We suggest that you note or bookmark this URL.


Moderators are required to read this web page in full before coming to the conference, even if you have moderated in previous years, as the information and files have been updated for the current year.

Included Information

  • Overview
  • Registration
  • Hotel and travel
  • Contact information
  • Technical Program agenda and session details
  • Onsite moderator availability and check-in
  • Meeting room set-up and audio visual features
  • Session management instructions
  • Session scripts by type (examples)


Moderators are an important part of the professionalism, quality, and success of the CASQA Annual Conference. CASQA relies on the moderators to keep the sessions on time and running smoothly, as described in the ‘Session Instructions’ section below.

In conducting the session, as host and facilitator, the moderator is to be objective regarding the content of the presentations as well as any discussions (i.e., do not promote any particular viewpoint, position, or product).

During your assigned session your focus should be only on the moderator tasks as described below, and not as a time to network or be distracted from your moderator duties.


All moderators must register as General Attendees, unless they are also a Primary Speaker or Panelist, in which case they are entitled to the discounted speaker fee. The speaker rate does not apply to Supporting Speakers.

Spacing: small
  • Points of Contact
  • Technical Program Agenda and Session Details
  • Speaker and Panelist Information (FYI)
  • Spacing: small

    Onsite Instructions

  • Moderator Availability and Check-In
  • Spacing: small

    Session Instructions

  • Meeting Room Set-Up and Audio Visual Features
  • Session Arrival
  • PowerPoint Presentations
  • Session Management
  • Session Script by Type (example): Technical Presentation
  • Session Script by Type (example): Panel
  • Session Script by Type (example): Training Workshop